Ecolift Manual Work Platform

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Safe and Simple to move and to use


Gone are the days of climbing steps or podiums.

No more slips, trips or having to balance.

The Eco range is a major step change in low level access, non-powered, powered access.

It’s easy, fast and efficient. No power needed, no batteries to charge. A unique wind up system with a gas spring accumulator uses the force of gravity to assist you going up again! It's like a school physics lesson in practice... It also means unlimited work cycles - use it 24/7.

This machine is for flat, hard surfaces and indoor work areas.


See a video of the range here


Key Information

Kinetic recovery - no electicity or other power
Work height
max Capacity
Basket dimension
850mm (L) x 644mm (W) 1 person.
Weight and loading
Operating mass 305Kg Caster point loads 155Kg (152kN)

Safety Equipment

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Hard Hat
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