Face Fit Testing

WHY do I need to be Face Fitted?

This testing facility is for anyone who performs a task where dust or other COSHH substances become, or may become airborne. Employers provide Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), but if your mask doesn’t fit correctly, it will be uncomfortable and non protective.

Whatever your role in the industry, we'll ensure the solution is suitable, useful and rewarding.

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The testing and assessment is mainly carried out on KN95, FFP2 or FFP3 masks, as well as disposable or the more personal silicon half masks.

The normal supply of masks is restricted at the moment and health care workers have been given priority during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Candidates must have a good supply of their own suitable masks, as we will fit test you on a specific make and model of mask and if it is suitable for the user then you will be issued a certificate for that particular mask only. If you change mask supplier, make or model then you will be required to have another test.

Candidates must be cleanly shaved and not have eaten, drunk any liquids, chewed gum or smoked for 30 minutes prior to attending the test.

This session is the perfect addition to our Infection Control or our Cleaning in Domestic & Commercial settings courses.

This course takes the user through a rigorous testing procedure, as recommended by the HSE and manufacturers of the equipment.

This includes a sensitivity test and a seven step test to ensure the fit is correct for the user.

Course Information


The test is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials and practical exercises. You will be assessed through theory and practical tests. All of our trainers are accredited.

The actual face fit testing is held on a one to one basis and take approximately half an hour and includes watching a number of short video clips.

Candidates must be cleanly shaved and not have eaten, drank any liquids, chewed gum or smoked for 30 minutes prior to attending the test. 


This course meets the statutory requirements of the relevant legislation, whether local or UK, and other relevant statutory provisions and approved Codes of Practice

Upon successfully completing the assessment, the employer will be awarded a 4safety certificate.


Novice: 1/2 hour per person
Re-certification: 1/2 hour per person


4safety, Home Farm, Rue de Grouville, Jersey, JE3 9HP, or at the customer's premises.


Novice: £50+GST
Re-certification: £50+GST


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How can we help?

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